Bidding Systems

There are many systems in use around the world today. I hope to at least give you some insight into the ones that are more prevalent. There are many variations in the systems and i'll try to point these out.

* ACOL This is a British standard system.
* Blue Team Club A popular version of the Neapolitan system. The system was devised by Benito Garozzo in the late 50's
* Culbertson System devised by Ely Culbertson and set out in the 1933 Blue Book and 1936 Gold Book.
* Eastern Scientific Bidding system similar to Standard American
* Goren This bidding system was devised by Charles H. Goren in 1944 and revised many times later.
* Kaplan-Scheinwold This system was devised by Edgar Kaplan and Alfred Scheinwald. No surprises there then.
* Precision This system was devised by C.C.Wei in 1963 with help from Alan Truscott.
* Roth-Stone This system was developed by Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone in 1953. Roth modified the system considerably in 1958.
* Schenken This is a strong 1C system.
* Standard American The most common bidding system in the US. It's roots are with Goren, but it's changed a lot since then.
* 2/1 This bidding system is next evolution from the Standard American system.