Bridge Conventions, Bidding Systems, and Card Signals

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Thank-you for visiting the Bridge Bidding Conventions web site. This site is dedicated to the illustrious game of Bridge. This web site has now been around for over ten years, and will hopefully be around for another ten.

If there is something that you are looking for that you do not find on the site, or if you have any thoughts on the site then please fill in the Contact Us form, or send an email to

The main areas of the web site are:

* Conventions In here you will find over 200 cross-referenced bidding conventions, all sorted into logical groups to help locating the one you want.
* Signals NEW FORMAT Details of over 40 signals, provided in the same format as the conventions.
* Systems A brief introduction to the some of the most popular bidding systems around today. I have links to other online resources that provide more information on specific systems.
* History A history of this illustrious game.